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RE: [APD] CF ballast

Thanks for the information on replacing my ballast on a all-glass 55 watt  CF 
I thought I would pass on this information to anyone that needed it in the  
I called all-glass customer service and they told me that my fixture has a  5 
year warranty on it and I could send the fixture in and they would fix it or  
they could send the ballast to my LFS. 
I also would like to make known the great service that was provided to me  by 
AHS _http://ahsupply.com/index.html_ (http://ahsupply.com/index.html) . I had 
 called them about getting a new ballast and he told me he could sell me a 
kit  but that I should call all-glass customer service and see about getting one 
from  them first. 
I have bought kits and bulbs from them in the past and the products and  
service has always been good.
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