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[APD] Snail control

I have a population explosion of snails in my 30T tank.  I say they are ramshorns - they are planispiral and reddish in color.  They are very thin-shelled and crush easily but at the slightest disturbance they drop to the bottom of the tank where I cannot reach them. Ordinarily they attack only dead vegetation but are beginning to dames my Echinodorus and Aponogetons.  Any ideas on pest control?

I have one idea.  I have plastic net pots, like those used y commercial aquarium plant growers but largere. I'm thinking I could put some bait in one, weigh it down with some gravel, and lower it on fishing line into the tank.  In the morning I would use the line to retrieve the pot and the snails But what should I use for bait?  Would frozen spinach be a good bait?

Kenneth Quinn
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