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[APD] Pogostemon helferi- aka Downoi

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let anyone interested know that I will be placing a stem of
Pogostemon helferi, also known as Downoi, on Aquabid as soon as the site is
back up and running.

This plant is very rare in the US. It is a native of SE Asia. The main
problem is that it does not survive the transit time from there to the US,
along with customs issues. They come up on Aquabid from a Thai or Singapore
source once in a while, but with a 12 day ship time, chances of survival are
not too great.  I got one stem at auction from a guy in the US, and have
been slowly propogating it. Took me over a year to get 10 plants from the
original one. It is fine USPS within the US, as you are looking at only 2-3
days via Priority Mail.

Just a heads up for anyone interested. It will be in the rooted plants
section of AquaBid. My handle there is discusdave. Here is an opportunity to
get an ultra rare plant from a domestic source and be assured it will arrive
healthy. Email me off list if you want to see the auction pic.


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