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[APD] RE: Penac

> But ADA merely carries Penac products, they have nothing to do with
> them. If you check the WWW you will see that the packaging is the same on
> number of websites.
> My only regret is that I wish I knew to get such powerful weed. Hey man, 
> pass it around, don't hog it all....oh my, such pretty
> James Purchase
> Toronto

I looked into Penac products. While the idea is alluring, it's application
in our case is soundly snake oil from everything I could dig up. 
I'd be willing to entertain any of their research to shows support in our
application in submersed aquatic substrates/water column.
They can and generally do always fall back on "trade secrets" in defense or
else legal slapping if you suggest they lack any evidence to support
whatever they say.

I have the AJ with that interview on their products.
Will it hurt? No, but your wallet may take a beating.
Some don't mind that though.

James, you know the horticulture and hydroponics, grow your own.

Tom Barr

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