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Re: [APD] Potassium Dosing

Karen Randall wrote:
That, indeed, has been my experience over the several years I have used the
Seachem products. I have to say, I agree with everyone else that potassium
is unlikely to have caused a problem with your fish... particularly at only
3ppm. But in the past, I have played around with increasing my potassium
levels. While the fish were all fine<g>

Due to my dumbness, two years ago, I reached levels of 1000 then 2000 mg/l of potassium in my tank. At 1000, the first fishes began to die (SAEs). At 2000, deaths were quite frequent till I measure the K with some kit...

I grow some plants that are
particularly intolerant of higher levels of K. (Nessaea in particular)  I
have never seen anything to convince me that my plants benefit from more K
than is available from regular dosing over either KNO3 or Flourish Nitrate.
When I dose K beyond that, my Nessaea reacts immediately with a dramatic
decrease of the growth tips on all stems.

Fast growing plants suffered most at high levels : H. zosteraefolia L. sessiliflora H. carymbosa S. platyphylla D. diandra B. caroliana

That said, there seems to be a very wide range of "OK" of potassium for most plants, and I've never heard anyone having problems with their fish at any level where it was good for the plants.

Now, also most nutriments are (too) well consumed, I have to change 1/6 of the water every week to prevent K to go above 50 mg/l. Only, H. zosteraefolia seems annoyed by this value although my A. barteri var. nana keeps to be unhappy at any K value till now...

I add traces in Dupla 24, TMG and Profito depending of the week, unsure of the exact
amount present in the products...

Shall K come from :
the saturated substrate (2 years ago)
dying leaves


Sincerely yours,


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