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[APD] Potassium Dosing

Sorry, hit the wrong key!<g>

Rachel Sandage wrote:

Seachem makes Flourish Nitrogen, which will increase your nitrogen with no potassium.

Actually, according to Greg Morin, Flourish Nitrogen DOES contain a reasonable amount of potassium. We had a discussion about it because I wanted to check whether I would have to start dosing K separately when I switched from using KNO3 via stump remover to Seachem's product. He said I would probably NOT need to dose any extra potassium if my tanks were currently running well with just the potassium available from the KNO3.

That, indeed, has been my experience over the several years I have used the Seachem products. I have to say, I agree with everyone else that potassium is unlikely to have caused a problem with your fish... particularly at only 3ppm. But in the past, I have played around with increasing my potassium levels. While the fish were all fine<g> I grow some plants that are particularly intolerant of higher levels of K. (Nessaea in particular) I have never seen anything to convince me that my plants benefit from more K than is available from regular dosing over either KNO3 or Flourish Nitrate. When I dose K beyond that, my Nessaea reacts immediately with a dramatic decrease of the growth tips on all stems.

That said, there seems to be a very wide range of "OK" of potassium for most plants, and I've never heard anyone having problems with their fish at any level where it was good for the plants.


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