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[APD] Re:Petite nana

Richard Sexton said
I had it before Oriental existed.<<

With all due respect Richard, I doubt we are talking about the same plant. I have been researching the origins of this plant for some time, and I know for a fact the the Petite nana that Oriental aquarium of Singapore exports is a cultivar, and they even state this in their catalog. They have other Anubias cultivars such as "Stardust" which has a white powdered looking stripe going down the middle of the leaf, and marble or varigated nana and barteri, and a narrow leaf nana which is pointy shaped. These are developed in tissue culture, not wild collected. Their petite nana is about the size of a 50 cent peice with 20 or 30 leaves not much bigger than glossostigma leaves. I have been told by some of my AGA customers that the leaves can grow out to the size of a thumbnail, but many remain no bigger than your pinky fingernail.

I know that the Pigmy nana coming out of West Africa is much MUCH bigger than that. It's leaves looks only a little smaller than normal nana and the plant is shorter than regular nana, but several times bigger than "Petite nana".

There are no big nurseries or tissue culture labs in West Africa. All of their plant exporters are very primitive in their operation and simply collect the plants from the jungle. One of the best known African importers in the USA is Rehobeth Aquatics. He sells the pigmy, not the petite. The exporter in Africa he buys from is one of the largest in Africa. They approached me directly and even used Rehobeth as a reference. I asked them about Petite nana and was told there was no such plant in the wild. I have since been in contact with two other African exporters who told me the same thing. In addition, the two American importers that I deal with have both told me that Petite nana is ONLY available from Asia, not Africa. So, if it is available from Africa, I have yet to find the source.

Raymond said
Thanks everyone for your input on places that I can get this plant from.
Any other advice on this plant? <<

Petite nana grows in very thick clusters of leaves on very small rhizomes and shallow roots. I found the plant to grow better, and planting is certainly easier when attached to wood or rock than trying to keep it in the substrate. If it is too shaded the leaves will fall off quickly. Other than that it seems to require no special care. It works great as a foreground middleground plant. There are dozens and dozens of people who have bought this plant from me or elsewhere that can tell you about it on my forums if they do not speak up here. If you want to see an example of it in an aquascape, this is Ken's ten gallon tank that was entered in both the AGA aquascaping contest, and the Aqua Botanic Aquascaping contest http://www.aquabotanic.com/contest/2003/resized/17/10galpici..jpg This is a close up picture, and for some sense of scale notice the Glossostigma in front of it. His Petite nana have reached the more mature size.

Best regards

Robert Hudson

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