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[APD] Re: Barr method and Iron

I have a question about the Barr  method concerning Fe and traces.
Do I understand this  right and all of the tanks Fe comes from Flourish and
separate Fe doesnât need  to be added?

Flourish itself doesn't contain iron, you need the separate "Flourish Iron" for that. If you're thinking of Flourite (the substrate material), it does contain iron, but you still need to dose the water column with Flourish Iron in most cases. Flourite is great for rooted plants, but the floating plants (and rooted plants to a lesser extent) need the iron in the water column too.

Also what about  something like Seachem Trace should it be added or is using
Flourish  enough?

Depends what you already have in your water. I have pretty good results with Flourish and Flourish Iron, along with some "raw" supplements of KNO3 mostly. I use some K2SO4 as well, and some potassium phosphate for the phosphate part, but only a tiny bit.

One more thing I didnât understand - the following is from a recent post and
I was hoping you could expand on it a little.
>>>You can have a fairly substantial amount of livestock in a well run tank.
NH4 is more useful for a single celled spore, perhaps as an activator for
Thanks,Bill VanHorn

Sounds like that discussion concerned plants starting from seed or possibly cultures. I wasn't following that post to know for sure.


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