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Re: [APD] Re: Barr method and Iron

Flourish has 0.32% iron. 

Tropica Master Grow has iron (chelated) too, a mere 0.07%.

Use the Iron supplements if you still don't have enough
iron when using those trace mixes. Flourish Iron is 1%


--- Bill Wichers <billw at waveform_net> wrote:

> >Hi,
> >I have a question about the Barr  method concerning Fe
> and traces.
> >Do I understand this  right and all of the tanks Fe
> comes from Flourish and
> >separate Fe doesnât need  to be added?
> Flourish itself doesn't contain iron, you need the
> separate "Flourish Iron" 
> for that. If you're thinking of Flourite (the substrate
> material), it does 
> contain iron, but you still need to dose the water column
> with Flourish 
> Iron in most cases. Flourite is great for rooted plants,
> but the floating 
> plants (and rooted plants to a lesser extent) need the
> iron in the water 
> column too.
> >Also what about  something like Seachem Trace should it
> be added or is using
> >Flourish  enough?
> Depends what you already have in your water. I have
> pretty good results 
> with Flourish and Flourish Iron, along with some "raw"
> supplements of KNO3 
> mostly. I use some K2SO4 as well, and some potassium
> phosphate for the 
> phosphate part, but only a tiny bit.
> >One more thing I  didnât understand - the following is
> from a recent post and
> >I was hoping you  could expand on it a little.
> > >>>You can have a fairly substantial amount of
> livestock in a well run 
> > tank.
> >NH4 is more useful for a single celled spore, perhaps as
> an activator  for
> >"germination".<<<
> >Thanks,Bill  VanHorn
> Sounds like that discussion concerned plants starting
> from seed or possibly 
> cultures. I wasn't following that post to know for sure.
>       -Bill
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