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[APD] Re: Multi-tank Co2

Can someone please advise me on what to get for my
existing pressurized co2 system so that I can add a
second tank to it?  And how to add it? 

65 gallon planted tank
10lb co2 tank
All-in-one JBJ regulator (w/needle valve, check valve,
bubble counter)
Co2 line feeds into my Eheim water intake
25-30ppm co2 (bubbles per second/minute too fast to

I would like to replace the DIY co2 on my 10 gallon
tank and run the pressurized co2 to it from my 65
gallong tank.  The tanks are about 20 feet apart. 
What would be the easy, efficient and economical way
to do this?  I would appreciate part numbers and
specifics as I am not mechanically inclined and would
not necessarily automatically know where to put what

I am also thinking of getting one of those Hagen
ladders to mix the co2 as it seems smaller than some
of the other possibilities.  Any ideas on this would
be appreciated too.

Thanks in advance for your ideas!


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