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[APD] Re: 1st Planted Tank questions

"The tank is 55G, 260W PC"

Am I the only one that sees a problem here? Scott? Richard?

"It seems that every leaf on every plant is melting away."

I'll bet. What's the temperature?

Cut the lights to something closer to 110W. Once the tank is stable, maybe go up to 150W.

"I may have done something really stupid -- I have plants in there. That means I am running lights and CO2 and have discovered algae."

Plants will thrive in the cycling if all other needs are met, but the algae will really thrive under the lights you have especially if CO2 is anywhere near minimal. Pressurized tank or DIY yeast?

Dose ferts to get to this:


These two test kits will get you on the right track:



Plus a pH and KH test kit.

Jeez Scott, surprised you missed this one. ;-)


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