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[APD] Re: black listed plants


Don't feel bad about possibly buying a non aquatic plant.  The charlatans 
have been doing this to us as far back as I can remember.  In the forties and 
later, it was common to see a bundle of "princess pine", which even as a kid, I 
recognized as a forest floor plant common in the Poconos.  Then green and white 
Sanderiana with the root area cut off started making its appearance in the 
aquarium stores near me in the late fifties.  They are houseplants, but wouldn't 
stand a chance in an aquarium with or without roots. They are just mush after 
a few months.  Except for anubias, plants that seem to have a terrestrial 
plant sturdiness would probably be better passed up until you can find out for 
sure, whereas aquatic plants tend to be very flimsy out of water.  Nothing is 
100% sure as a test, because, as I said, anubias does beautifully submersed and 
some of the small aquatics, like dwarf sagittaria, are also stiff leaved.  You 
could browse some houseplant sources like a decent sized florist with a 
greenhouse, that sell small potted houseplants, and they will carry some of the 
ones that are really houseplants that you then might be able to recognize when 
you go to the pet store.  By the way, many pet stores order assortments of 
plants and do not know what they will get.  Our LFS does this, but being honest 
they label them as aquatic, bog, or terrestrial when they display them.
Carol Ross
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