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[APD] Re: Black-listed aquarium plants: out of the water, into a pot

Of the non-aquatic plants that I accidentally acquired when I was just getting started with live plants, I found that the one sold as 'brazil sword' did great in a plain pot with regular potting soil--I gave it to a colleague at work who keeps it on her desk where it grows wonderfully thick and lush, and blooms and blooms and blooms; the "green hedge" (ficus something?) was nearly impossible to keep wet enough, so probably needs a proper terrarium with high humidity; and acorus gramineus [sp?] (a variegated grass) did ok for a while before it succumbed, probably more due to my neglect because it was an ugly houseplant than because it was delicate.

Diane Brown in St. Louis http://www.well.com/user/debunix/fish/fishIndex.html

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