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Re: [APD] RE: K+

"I think you answered your own question right there.  You started adding
CaCO3 and MgSO4.  I think that most likely, your plants were suffering
from a lack of Mg or Ca, both essential micro nutrients."

I'm afraid you didn't read my post carefully: I was adding Seachem's Equilibrium which specifically addresses 
the low Ca/Mg issue, but also adds K (a lot!), Fe, and Mn. I was adding Equilibrium to raise GH to the same 
level as I now bring it to using CaCO3 and Mg; since GH is a measurement of Ca and Mg, it wouldn't make sense 
that at one level of GH I had a deficiency, and at the same level I did not.

FWIW varying the CaCO3/MgSO4 ratio does not seem to affect the plants.

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