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[APD] H20 Aquatic Solutions

Hello everyone,

Has anyone here ever dealt with the company "H20 Aquatic Solutions"?  www.customfishtanks.andmuchmore.com

They are a company out of Ontario but have a website selling lots of equiptment, plants, and fish.  

Basically, they have made a sponsorship offer to the local aquarium society I belong

 to (members get 15% discount if the club puts a banner for the store on our website).

Since we are no where near Ontario and none of us have ever dealt with the company we have

no way to determine if they are a company that we should accept for sponsorship or if it is one

we should decline.  If anyone knows about this company and could give an opinion I would appreciate it!

Feel free to email me privately if you are concerned about expressing your opinions about a company

in a public forum (I'm thinking of the PW mess of course).




P.S. Sorry if this message has strange formatting.  I was trying to avoid the "long line" syndrome 

that happens if you check a message on the APD archive site.  But I think that means this message looks like a mess to everyone else!


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