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Re: [APD] black-listed aquarium plants

>Hi.  I am new to this list and new to aquatic plants.  I recently
>purchased a new lighting system for my 29 gallon tank so my plants would
>(hopefully) begin to thrive.  Today I stopped at the Galleria Mall in NJ
>and the pet store there had some rather nice looking plants, of types I
>had never seen before.  It did cross my mind that they might be plants
>that were not truly aquarium plants (I read about this problem
>somewhere), but I figured they were OK, they seemed very healthy.  Well,
>I did some research online and I believe I got duped.  So, my question
>is this:  Does anyone know of a website with pictures of these
>"black-listed" plants?  What should I do with them, will they live if I
>simply plant them in a pot outside the aquarium, like a normal plant?  

What you want to probably do is google for places that sell aquarium
plants and visit a few sites. Now, some of them will have terrarium
(only) plants listed. See if you can find yours there.

If you do, it probbaly won't grow in a pot like a hosueplant. Get
a vase, stick 3" of potting soil in it, water to the top of the
soil and stick the plant in it. If you cover it you won't need
to relace evaporated water, if you don't top up weekly with rianwater
or melted snow, and like you would do for orchids, fertilize weekly, weakly.

Stick that in a window and you can grow anything, including many
"real" aquarium plants.

Walmart, dollar stores and thrift shops are a good place to find these. Right
now "dolorama" has some small glass cubular thinggs ideal as aquarium planters,
four for a buck. That's less that half the price for walmart 5 cm clay pots.

Stop snickering, I just had to buy 80 of the stupid things.


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