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[APD] black-listed aquarium plants

Hi.  I am new to this list and new to aquatic plants.  I recently
purchased a new lighting system for my 29 gallon tank so my plants would
(hopefully) begin to thrive.  Today I stopped at the Galleria Mall in NJ
and the pet store there had some rather nice looking plants, of types I
had never seen before.  It did cross my mind that they might be plants
that were not truly aquarium plants (I read about this problem
somewhere), but I figured they were OK, they seemed very healthy.  Well,
I did some research online and I believe I got duped.  So, my question
is this:  Does anyone know of a website with pictures of these
"black-listed" plants?  What should I do with them, will they live if I
simply plant them in a pot outside the aquarium, like a normal plant?  
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