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Re: [APD] Alternative Co2 sources

--- "Richard J. Sexton" <richard at aquaria_net> wrote:
> I noticed this today on some hydroponics site:
> 'CO2 can be supplied by various means, including
> . . .
> new catalytic
> converters that combine propane with oxygen to produce
> CO2 and water vapor
> without a flame. These are currently being marketed as
> mosquito repellants."
> Mosquito repellents?

Usually they are sold as mosquito *attractants*, but the idea is that the mosquitos are attracted to a trap that kills them. I have one of these units (it's not a catalytic converter though, it's just a very small burner that runs off a propane tank that lasts about 4-5 months). The unit I have uses the propane flame to produce both heat and CO2, and when the mosquitos come close it has a fan and an enclosed UV light to both pull and lure the mosquitos into the trap where the fan mulches them and blows them into a collection bag. In my particular unit there is an after market add-on of additional mosquito trap netting that was installed by the 15-20 spiders that live on the unit and make meals of the many insects it attracts. Smart little guys getting their easy meals like that :-)

Apparently the CO2 is a big mosquito attractant. The unit does seem to be very effective, and after running it for a while (nearly two years), it does seem to reduce mosquito populations. We are near a few large ponds here and the bats alone can't seem to keep the mosquito population at manageable levels.

I would recommend NOT trying to use propane to produce CO2 for a tank though. The units are intended to vent outdoors, and they most likely produce more than just CO2 (CO for example, which is deadly). Also, if the propane burner leaks or doesn't achieve 100% combustion then you will have a gradual buildup of propane in the area of the unit which could pose an explosion hazard. CO2 bought from gas suppliers might be cheaper than propane too, and it has the advantage of having built-in fire retarding properties ;-)


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