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RE: [APD] Re: Power Compacts

WMC>>Quick question:  Is a cover glass necessary with power compacts?  I
don't use one with ordinary fluorescents.
Is it NECESSARY???? No, but.
You can get weather resistant endcaps for PC's as well as NO's, but they
are pricey.  I think that high quality endcaps are really nice to have
on NO's because the typical shoplight type fixtures are of very poor
quality, IMO.  The quality of the electrical connection can become an
issue with these types of fixtures over time in adverse conditions.
(read: above an open tank)
Of course how are my lights above my tank right now? Exposed and humid.
(The next round of hood design is going to address this very problem, as
well as the bowing of the lid due to (heat?))
I have had PC's over marine tanks and salt creep is terrible unless the
housing is well sealed.
Bill>>Using a cover glass is easy and cheap, and it will protect the
much more expensive bulbs and sockets, as well as making maintenance
easier. I think it's worth it for these reasons alone. IMHO, ballasts
should always be remote mounted anyway so that's not a concern. Those
using open-top tanks will normally have their lights mounted higher
above the water surface and will have less problems with mineral
deposits and corrosion so the cover glass is less of an issue in that
I completely agree with mounting the ballast remotely, and I hadn't
thought simply about cleaning as a reason to use a glass cover always
about protection.  Let's face it electricity and water can be a
dangerous combination, a cover would be erring on the side of safety
even if it's not convenient.  (Although I hope to rectify that situation
as well in my next design) 
 Shawn Richardson
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