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[APD] free Anubias

Well, I decided against selling my multiple Anubias clippings ... I had an enormous piece of bogwood that was covered in the stuff. I ended up with 20 individual plants and 3 good stumps that will become plants. I am going to purchase some Anubias nana "petite", and replace all anubias with that.

So, now I have 20 anubias plants -- Anubias barteri, anubias nana, and anubias barteri var. "coffeefolia" -- that I don't have a spot for.

Since this list has been so good to me, I want to offer this anubias free to anybody who needs some. These are healthy plants, algae free, good growth. I only ask that whoever takes them pays the shipping. I will part them up, to some degree, but would rather send them to only 1 or 2 people. First come, first serve.



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