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Re: [APD] Re:my caution statement

Your statement was just fine. Entirely appropriate thing to

Some mail lists have taken to sending such statements on a
regular basis because the users of list keep changing over
time and it's a useful thing to keep in everyone's mind.

Who knows why someone might think this or that is funny? 
Most folks don't know much about the law suits; if were in
that group, then you had lots of company. [Redacted]

I hope you don't go off the list because some folks took
some things diff than others.  Every now and then, things
get a little bumpy on APD, but on the whole it's a tame and
well-behaved group. And lots of folks benfit from it -- but
only insofar as folks participate.

--- REDRAGON40 at aol_com wrote:

> I am sorry that my cautionary statement was considered
> funny by some, and, by 
> the way ,one of the people who said that it was funny
> hasn't responded to my 
> private e-mail as to just why he/she got such a laugh
> over a statement offered 
> to help someone avoid a potentially costly or
> embarrassing situation. I 
> really would like to know why.  Yes it is true that some
> of the more experienced 
> [Redacted], but
> people need to realize 
> [Redacted].  I have been 
> in the hobby a long time, and it is only because I know
> [Redacted]. I am
> reminded of something that  
> happened recently.  A member of my family complained
> about my warnings while 
> driving several times with a surly sounding "I already
> knew that" or "you don't 
> need to tell me that".  So from then on I kept my mouth
> shut, and only a few 
> days later, when I thought he was too close to a high
> curb to turn, I didn't 
> say anything, and he ripped up the quarter panel of his
> car.  Guess what he said 
> - "Why didn't you warn me?" I feel it is better to be on
> the safe side when 
> it comes to knowing about hazards.  It seems better to
> risk being warned twice 
> than risk not being warned at all.  I guess I will just
> lurk for awhile .

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