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[APD] Re:my caution statement

I am sorry that my cautionary statement was considered funny by some, and, by 
the way ,one of the people who said that it was funny hasn't responded to my 
private e-mail as to just why he/she got such a laugh over a statement offered 
to help someone avoid a potentially costly or embarrassing situation. I 
really would like to know why.  Yes it is true that some of the more experienced 
people [Redacted], but people need to realize 
that there will always be those who don't know all the latest stuff.  I have been 
in the hobby a long time, and it is only because I know someone who was 
[Redacted]. I am reminded of something that  
happened recently.  A member of my family complained about my warnings while 
driving several times with a surly sounding "I already knew that" or "you don't 
need to tell me that".  So from then on I kept my mouth shut, and only a few 
days later, when I thought he was too close to a high curb to turn, I didn't 
say anything, and he ripped up the quarter panel of his car.  Guess what he said 
- "Why didn't you warn me?" I feel it is better to be on the safe side when 
it comes to knowing about hazards.  It seems better to risk being warned twice 
than risk not being warned at all.  I guess I will just lurk for awhile .
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