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[APD] RE: [Killietalk] ] Keeping killy species together

Chris wrote:

Are you saying that you don't think these fish will hybridize? They are
all co generic.

I doubt that, but taxonomists and killies don't always agree. :-) Hybrids across so-called "generic" boundaries are pretty common (e.g., *Fp.* and *Fundulasoma*).

A *Chromaphyosemion* like BIT is pretty unlikely to cross with an *Aphyosemion* like EXI, which is a member of the *striatum* group, but again, that's just my humble opinion (i.e., guess). [OTOH, I bet EXI and PRI would get together in an instant! :-)]

I spent several years studying the *striatum* group, and (with the exception of *Fp. oeseri*) they are so similar in behaviour, habitats and physiology that they might be considered an extended species, by older definitions. Bet they all would hybridize, probably with some fertile.

I don't recall the reference but I can remember reading
about Fp gardneri and A. australe hybridizing.

P. 100 of ROTOW.

I never keep Aphyosemion
species together or mix Aphyosemion and Fundulopanchax.  I'm more
careful than many people but suggesting that BIT and SPL will not
hybridize seems counter intuitive, no?

I didn't think I said that, but no, they likely won't. SPL is a primitive, very different species, closely related to BAT, but not a likely candidate for mating with AUS or PRI, which was the original question, as I read it.


Hi Wright, how much of a risk (of hybridizing) would the following combo be?
Ap BIT Lagos / Ap Exigoideum 'Ngoudoufola'.
Chromaphy SPL 'Moliwe' / Ap australe or Ap PRI 'Kanda'.
These are not raised together, but just a thought in case I run out of
tank space. TIA for your opinions.

None, IMO. Please be aware that most killifish ignore my opinions, most of the time. :-)

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