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[APD] Re: Garbage on the list

> Greetings James , I have found that if the HTML format is used the message
> gets bounced. Yahoo Groups who give us this free forum (free being at no
> cost) attach a bit of advertising from time to time. I just overlook it as
> needed cost of having a place to yak about plants.

Yes, HTML formatted messages DO get bounced. As far as I know, in all the
years I've been receiving the APD, it has never been a "Yahoo Group". It is
a totally free "information service" provided by the owner of  FINS, Mark
Rosenstein. There is no connection with Yahoo or its "groups"

If you are using Yahoo or another "free" service to access the APD, fine for
you. But there are those of us who pay to access the Internet and
send/receive e-mail WITHOUT commercial interruption. A "bit of advertising,
from time to time" might not bother some, but it wrankles the rest of us -
turn it OFF, please. My inbox has just received a whack of private messages
from fellow APD's who feel the same way, so I know that I'm not the only one
who holds this opinion.

> AND PS , who cares what religious or political statement is used, ignore
> Worry about the real things in life, like "How can I buy a CO2 system
> without my wife knowing"...

Well, being single, I spend what I like, when I like, and don't have to
justify it to a soul. That isn't the issue - the signature IS the issue.
This is also something which can be turned on or off in most software
packages. Or it can be manually deleted for those posts destined for the

It is nice to see someone's name and location appended to a posting - that
can help when giving advice, but I could care less what sports teams someone
supports, what car they drive, what computer they use, or any of hundreds of
other things I've seen over the years placed in a "signature". There are
those of us who can get offended to have someone quote scripture (not
everyone here is religious, and even those of us who are can choose to keep
it to ourselves in a public forum such as the APD). I'm a devout Roman
Catholic, but I don't go praising the Pope every time I post a message. And
as far as politics is concerned, well....let's not go there. I heard more
than enough about hanging chads 4 years ago. I'm sure that the good people
of Florida are STILL embarrassed over that mix up. And the sooner they get
rid of the current occupant of the White House, the safer we'll ALL feel.
( I do have political opinions, I just don't see what they have to do with
aquatic plants).

My point is WHY should anyone have to ignore parts of some people's
postings? If someone wants to push some personal political or religious
adjenda, do up a website and expound it to your heart's desire - THERE, not

Now, as for any potential "follow-up" to this, please do everyone a favour
and send it to me directly and NOT to the APD. Back to aquatic

James Purchase

P.S. In case anyone doesn't know what "RTFM" means, send me a private
message and I'll be glad to fill you in on the details.....lol

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