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[APD] Re: heavy metals? the real skinny.what you need to know

Greetings list,
All municipal water system have acceptable levels of "heavy metals" (The
term heavy metal refers to any metallic chemical element that has a
relatively high density and is toxic or poisonous at low concentrations).
Everyone gets a yearly analysis of their water supply. A consumer has a
right to review your risk and can demand this data if you ask.
You'll find guidelines as to how they ( the Municipalities) measure up
against federally administered "Safe" levels.
Here's a website regarding heavy metals and your health.
A few commonly found Heavy Metals in YOUR water supply are:
Mercury, Arsenic, zinc, lead, copper, chromium, *gold*, cadmium and Thallium
(plus other metals that are not included as their levels are barely

Heavy metals are dangerous because they tend to bioaccumulation.
**Bioaccumulation** means an increase in the concentration of a chemical in
a biological organism over time, compared to the chemical's concentration in
the environment. Compounds accumulate in living things any time they are
taken up and stored faster than they are broken down (metabolized) or
BTW, All these metals are elements thus naturally accruing, some are
important to our well being: Zinc, Selenium & Copper others are found as a
natural element in foods like potatoes which have arsenic.
So how do we keep these metals out of our domestic water supply, expensive
filtration. No way around it. Any cheap method would not filter all these
metals . So get ready to drop a bundle, anyone who states they can give you
a cheap solution is LYING!!!! Don't forget, most of you have water pipes in
your home of apartment that use copper lines with a silver/lead solder.
Driving in traffic exposes you to high levels of lead and benzene (not a
heavy metal but is a known carcinogen). But your most likely to drop dead
from other airborn contaminates such as bullets!!!
BTW2, lead was used in toothpaste tubes right up to just a few years back,
it's still used in  the "Foil" on wine bottles. The "Real" effects from lead
are hard to monitor since so many other chemicals and elements effect the
same test results and the results are erroneous.
Well yes and no, yes you'll find them in the heaters but the amount of hot
water you consume is much less than the amount of cold
*gold doesn't exhibit the same poisonous effects as many before mentioned
Heavy Metals*
**Bioaccumulation: lately we have heard about high end predators( top of the
food chain ) having this condition or problem , IE Swordfish & Tuna W/ high
mercury levels, Mercury is the most hideous of Heavy Metals because it
directly attacks the tissue where the brain and the spinal cord connect.
This connection or connecting area dissolves and you soon find drastic
neuralgic deficits starting with but not limited to numbness in extremities
, lose of motor control, blindness, deafness, in the terminal condition COMA
and DEATH.**
Mark B.

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> Hi Marshall Cameron,
> You wrote:
> > hot water heater?  Heavy metals will form sludge in the
> > bottom and you will transfer them into your discus tank.
> What is your theory on the source of these heavy metals?
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> Thanks,
> Bob
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