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Re: [APD] How do you guys do water changes?????

I don't know if this could be the cause of the swelling, but do you bring the 
water to the same temperature before adding it to the tank? You might consider 
buying a 10 gallon tank (you can buy them for about $10 at stores like Meijer 
or WalMart) and put your fresh water in it with a heater and powerhead. You 
can keep the empty 10g in a closet or something until you need it, then pull 
it out, fill it up and let it run for a while. By the time the water comes up 
to temperature, the dechlor will have had time to mix well and you can 
possibly test/adjust some water parameters before adding it. It is also VERY 
convenient if you have a STURDY shelf near your tank that is above the tank to 
place the 10g on while doing this. If you can do that it is very easy to 
siphon the water from the 10g to your tank, and it creates less turbulence 
thus reducing stress on the fish and saves your co2 (as opposed to sloshing 
water out of a gallon jug... glug glug glug).
 I have a small tank mounted on the wall in my laundry room. I fill it with RO 
water and add the ro-right etc. and then fire up the powerhead and heater. 
When it is all mixed/heated I use a length of tubing that is attached to the 
small tank to fill the big tank in the other room. It is very nice, open the 
valve and "whoosh" fills the tank up with fresh water. Because I use the RO 
water and add the same stuff each time, there is very little variation in 
water parameters between the fresh and old water. The fish hardly know 
anything happened.

Quoting Poe Ratana <poe835 at hotmail_com>:

> I know this probably sounds like a stupid question, but please let me 
> explain..
> My experience is that some of my discuses are very sensitive to changes in 
> pH or something, and just by doing 20% water changes, I noticed that their 
> belly will swell like they've been fed and show signs of diarrhea and won't 
> eat for a day or two.  I assume it's from a pH shock of some sort.
> I use a dechlorinator so it's not the chlorine issue.
> I can't imagine doing 50% water changes without wiping them out.  Do you 
> guys "preconditioned" your water first before putting it into the tank? My 
> apartment doesn't really have space to store 15 gallons of water so I really
> can't preconditioned the batch ahead of time.
> Anyone having similar problems? Any advice would be appreciated.
> Thanks so much!
> Poe
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