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Re: [APD] Re: (flourite) Training the Chain Gang, and others

Quoting AuntieFran at comcast_net:

> My first thought:  Wosw!  I have to order some of this NOW for the 55G I'm
> going to set up later this summer.  I went to the web site only to to find
> that Fluorite isn't listed, and that shipping is $11.95 PER BAG to Washington
> State.  Oh, well....

For some reason petsolutions doesn't list the flourite in the substrate 
section of their website but rather under the "plant care" section. I am very 
sorry if I was misleading on the shipping... I didn't think about the fact 
that I live fairly close to them, so my shipping is less. I should have 
mentioned that their shipping is "actual freight" and not a fixed price. They 
have a table that allows you to look up what the shipping charges will be in 
your specific area ($11.91 is the maximum for 16lb). They are located in OH, 
so the closer you are to there the better (I am in Indiana... so it is dirt 
cheap and arrives the next day). Sorry to get your hopes up.

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