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[APD] re: a reposting of my plant situation

Hi all, I 'm going to repost this question in the hopes that i get more responses  =)  
So here's my question.  By the grace of God, I was able to purchase two used 20 gallon acrylics for a good deal.  I also was able to find custom sealife smartlite 2 x 65 watt 4 foot hood.     Here's my plan.  I will be placing the 2 tanks next to each other and that will make it 4 feet long. So essentially, each tank will be getting one 65 watt bulb over it.. I am wondering if this hood, if placed over the middle area,  would be sufficient enough light to grow plants like   glossostigma, dwarf hairgrass, stargrass, pearlweed.    
here's some more info:   DIY Co2,     i'm using a penguin 660 powerhead for circulation,  no other filtration,   one tank is ecocomplete substrate 100%,  the other is a flourite gravel 50/50 mix.   
my water parameters from tap   are   ph=8 , kh= 7 ,   gh= 7,  nitrates=0, phosphates =0 
calcium= 50 ppm   magnesium = 25 ppm   iron = 0 ppm   
the reason i'm asking this question is with previous experience using 2 x 65 watt coralife fixture over a 40 gallon long, I've had problems with rotala rotundifolia stems rotting if they are shaded the least bit...  i don't want to end up placing a big order of glosso and hairgrass and stargrass and pearlweed and then have them melt on me from lack of light.   Any suggestions or comments are appreciate.. Thank you.

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