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Re: [APD] The Indoor Sun Shoppe

Quoting Robert Zink <bonsai at hrcreditunion_net>:

> http://store.yahoo.com/indoorsun/65watcomflou.html
> Anyone have experience with these 65W CF? 

That fixture uses a self ballasted compact fluorescent bulb. They are not as 
efficient as the straight bulbs, but are quite inexpensive. If you search hard 
enough you can find these bulbs (@6500K) up to 110 watts... cost about $50. 
The nice thing about them is you can use any lamp fixture, even the $1 sockets 
they sell at the hardware store (as long as they can handle the correct 
wattage). So you don't have to spend the money on expensive ballasts, endcaps, 
etc. The downside is they are not nearly as efficient because a lot of light 
is lost compared to the straight bulbs, and it is harder to distribute the 
light you do get from them. If you want email me off the list, I can give you 
the URL for a place that sells just the bulbs at even higher wattages, I don't 
have it with me right now.
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