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Re: micro fan (Re: [APD] Re: Re: failed CF Retro)

Quoting Robert Zink <bonsai at hrcreditunion_net>:

> I had considered a fan, and your suggestion makes me want to consider it
> some more. Have you or anyone else found such a fan at any of the chain
> stores or online?

You can get computer fans of various sizes (usually 60, 80, and 120mm) at any 
online computer store. You can also get them at local computer stores or 
places like Best Buy, but you will pay about 3 times more. I like shopping at 
www.newegg.com . They have great products, always the lowest prices (or at 
least within a dollar or two), inexpensive shipping, and awesome customer 
service. Honestly, I DON'T work for them, but I do build a lot of computers 
and ALWAYS buy my parts from them. You can pick up an 80mm fan for about $5 
after shipping from them. They also sell nice looking fan guards if you need 
them (both plain and fancy laser cut ones). You can also get clear plastic 
fans with various colored LEDs in them... they work well as moon lights. Keep 
in mind all computer fans operate at 12v.

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