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Re: [APD] Bio Spira by Marineland

I have used Bio Spira for my 29 gallon cichilid tank and my 75 gallon
community tank with no problems. I was able to add fish immediately and the
tanks did not have any noticeable ammonia or nitrite spikes. Im sold on this
stuff now :-)


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> During a recent trade show, I asked the Marinland folks about the new
> strains of bacteria that has been getting some press.  They claim a
> complete cycle at 3/4 bioload capacity in under 2 weeks.  I guess Jason
> will be our test study to see if the proofs in the pudding.  Just hope
> you dechlored your water before adding it :-), just kidding, Rob.
> Damaged and I like it, it made me what I am!

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