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[APD] discus safe plants

I am setting up my first planted discus tank and have a couple quick 

First, has anyone ever ordered plants from aquariumplantdepot.com? Are they 
any good?

Second, I would really like to find a plant assortment already put together 
for this tank because I am not very good at estimating how much I need of what 
to fill the tank well. I have found from experience that aquascaping looks 
very different in the tank than it does on paper. I thought I would get an 
assortment pack at first and after a while start adding/removing plants 
individually to get the desired look. The problem is finding an assortment 
pack that contains plants that do well in the high temp water. 

I have heard many people say good things about aquabotanic.com and they do 
have a warm water plant assortment, but a lot of it was stuff I didn't really 
want. Aquariumplantdepot.com has an assortment that is NOT arranged for higher 
temperature waters, but I think most of the plants in it could handle water of 
about 84 degrees. Could someone take a look at this and let me know what you 
think? Do you think these plants would do alright in those conditions? 

This is what it includes:

2 Marble Vallisneria         
12 Corkscrew Vallisneria    
2 Myrio Filigree
2 Rotala Indica
2 Red Temple                 
3 Glossostigma
2 Balansae Cryptocoryne
2 Lutea Cryptocoryne
2 Red Wendtii Cryptocoryne
2 Med. Rubin
2 Small Amazon
2 Small Red Melon
2 Med. Ozelot
1 Barteri Anubia Show
2 Nana Anubia Reg
1 Madagascar Lace Reg
6 Dwarf Sagittaria
6 Subulta Sagittaria
3 Java Fern
3 Bolbitis Heudelotii
6 Dward Chain Tenullus

I would imagine the swords and anubias would be fine. I know the java fern is 
fine, but not sure about the rest. This assortment is $96 (including 
shipping). I thought that was a pretty good deal...  < $1.50/plant. It's 
probably more than I need, so if there are some plants that wont work with my 
water conditions, I can always sell/trade/give them away.  Thanks in advance 
for your help!

In case you need it, this is the equipment I will be using in the tank:
65 gallon tank
100% Flourite Substrate
Trickle filter @ 650gph (really only about 250gph @ 5-6') 
pH controlled CO2 injection
2 X 96watt PC bulbs (6700-7100K)
Temp will be about 84
pH will be about 6.5 
pH might change, I am going to try to be close to the breeders water 
parameters whatever they might be.
Again thanks a bunch !!
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