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[APD] What is wrong with these? (pic)

Hello everyone,

Would someone mind having a quick look at a picture of some of my plants and suggest what is wrong with them? The only thing I could think of is Ca deficiency, because that is how the Anubias leaf unfurled. Only some of the old E. ozelot leaves end up rotting away like in the picture, which would suggest that it is something other than Ca. All other plants are doing fine.
the pic:

Anubias leaf in question on right, E. ozelot leaf on left.

Tank parameters:
40 Gallon, 2x30W flouoro, DIY yeast CO2
~12 ppm NO3, ~10ppm K, ~1 ppm P, ~.25 ppm Fe, kH: 45ppm, pH: 6.8, gH: ~160ppm, sand substrate with flourish tabs.

Thanks for any help!


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