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[APD] Re: Drilling tanks

Justin wrote:
> <snip, drilling tanks, glass shops or LFS>
> What LFSs do you go to?  I've never been in one that
> would even consider drilling a tank, or is set up to
> do it.  Having worked in a couple, it'd be
> way too be a pain in the butt, not to mention the
> liability issues.

It must depend on the store.  In our town, (Northern
Colorado, 100K people, college town) there are two
larger LFS, plus a couple of large national chain
pet stores.  One of them has some 200+ tanks, and
every single one is drilled (four central water
systems).  They drill tanks, and offer to drill
the ones you buy for $20 or so (I think that's
what I paid for my 180g that I bought through them).

They even drilled their tempered glass, but of
course, breakage is higher.  I don't think they
offer drilling tempered glass for customers, (just
for themselves), but I could be wrong.

That doesn't help you, but it *does* show that
it's done.  Most of their tanks were drilled 8+ years
ago, and they claimed they paid some $150 per
glass cutting adapter.  (I think diamonds are
cheaper nowadays... nobody invest in diamonds... the
world diamond market will collapse soon, as the
synthetic ones starting to hit the market last 
Fall are perfect.)


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