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[APD] RE: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 7, Issue 33


I only have 10 gallons of RO water in the 50 gallon tank.  Would this
still be a concern? Should I still attempt a "partial" reconstitution.?


This doesn't answer your question, but I am wondering
about your DI water.  Are you adding anything to it to reconstitute some
necessary ions?  I use DI water too (to get rid of very high  phosphates
in my tap).  If I don't reconstitute it and add some salt, I get
terrible fish disease problems.  Not having ANY ions in the water is
very stressful, even on soft water fish.  A simiple way to correct this
is by adding a commercial product like Ken't R/O Right, sodium
bicarbonate, and aquarium salt.  There are instructions on the R/O right
jar to make soft water for discus.  Note that regular salt (very
necessary for the fish) does not raise hardness.  I make my own "R/O
Right" using a recipe given by Roger Miller
 It is a lot less expensive that way.  You can combine
all the ingredients (except the calcium pills) in a
jar, mix, then add them all together when needed.

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