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[APD] Re: What do you make siphons out of?

Rod wrote:
> <snip>,
> I have made siphons from regular PVC like you would
> use for plumbing, but you can't see in it to see if
> it has bubbles or other problems.
> I have made siphons from clear plastic tubing, but I
> can't bend it so I end up cutting and gluing
> together sections.  The end result doesn't give me
> a lot of confidence.
> My project requires some specialized shapes, and I
> want the siphons to go deep into the water, and on
> the input side maybe have some kind of grating so I
> don't get clogged up.
> Could you share your ideas on building siphons?

Hi, Rod--

I agree it's nicer to have clear siphons so you can
see bubble build-up inside (or algae, or clogged
fish, or whatever).

Depending on the clear tubing you talk about, you
*might* be able to bend it.  I've bent a lot of PVC,
and it's pretty easy:

Take your plastic tube, fill it with sand, and use
a hand propane torch ($6 at walmart) to heat the
spot where you want to bend it.  Don't have the
sand packed full... you want it loose enough that
it holds the tube round while you bend it (without
the sand the tube collapses at the bend).

It's easy with PVC because it's such a thick 
plastic.  It may not work on thinner plastic tubes,
but if you can find some thick ones, you should
be ok.

Also, I've found there are clear plastic tubes, 
U's, and other workable parts if you walk the aisle
at a cheap toy store.  You can get similar deals
with parts at garage sales sometimes, and there's
all kinds of strange stuff at some of the larger
craft stores that may be good siphons.  Of course,
this is an unreliable approach if you know what you
want (because you might just have to make it 

Good luck.


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