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[APD] Red Sea Phosphate Test Kit

I recently purchased the Red Sea Phosphate test kit.  I chose it because the 
colors on the chart were vivid and easily differentiated.

I was disappointed to find that the test results didn't come close to 
matching the chart.  The colors on that ranged from bright yellow, for zero ppm, 
through four blue greens, each obviously different from the others, to dark 
purple.  The color that I received from the test was a pale blue that didn't match 
anything.  I ran a second test, reducing the sample size by 50%, and I still 
received a pale blue, although it was a little darker than the preceding test 

A test of a second sample from a different source returned a very pale green, 
which also didn't match anything.

When I emailed Red Sea about this they sent a replacement test kit, but it 
produced the same result.

Can anyone recommend a good, reasonably priced phosphate test kit?


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