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[APD] SAE advice needed


I'm still working on the aquarium for the elementary school and I have been given 3 SAEs each 4 inches long. I can add them to the 38 gallon tank at the school (36"wide), or to my 59 gallon tank at home (45"wide). My concern over adding them to the school tank is that I have 2 Marimo algae balls in there now, I don't want the SAEs to eat them up. Will they attack them like they do java moss?

The other concern is that I don't know what will happen to this tank over the summer, the school is shut down for about 4 to 6 weeks with only custodians on staff. I can ask them to lightly feed the fish, but I'll need to shut down the tank as much as possible. Can anyone tell me how best to do that? 

I'm thinking limiting the lights to 8 hours, turning off the Carbo+ unit, doing a large water change before and after, maybe one after 3 weeks also. There would be no fertilizers for that time, unless I add them at the 3 week water change. When the staff comes back about 10 days before school starts, I can do a major resetting of the tank with waterchanges, CO2, lights and ferts.

Finally, knowing about the midsummer school closure, are there any fish I need to consider or avoid? I am intending to stock in this 38 gallon tank; 6 - 8 shrimp, 5 - 6 otos, 6 cory cats (palateus or emerald were offered), maybe the 3 SAEs, and some decorative fish, perhaps harlequin rasboras. Any suggestions? I don't know how many is too many given the summer shutdown. 
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