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Re: [APD] Micro plant tank ideas?

I'm not quite following your point, Wright.

What's the diff between an unregulated 5 watt wire wound
resistor and a low wattage wire in a glass tube? Is it the
thermostat that makes it safer or the glass? The only times
I've ever had broken heaters, it's been the glass -- the
GFCI probably kept things from being spectacular.

Otoh, at least with Hagen, you know were to go for warranty

The Junior Heater is a bit of a rip, but so are most CO2
reactors, well, very high priced plastic cyliders.

Of course, the $0.56 to mail the mini heater versus the $5
shipping charge on the Ebay is common occurance on Ebay. 
Lots of vendors dunk the price and boost the ship charge.
Even some online vendors that also sell on ebay have lower
ebay prices but end up charging more than at their online
stores once you factor in shipping. I've seen $5
buy-it-nows with $8 shipping charges for $6 items. ;-) 

For my own minis, I followed Karen's advice and skipped the
heater altogether -- I didn't get cold feet, I got cold
fish, so to speak.

Scott H.
--- Wright Huntley <whuntley at verizon_net> wrote:
> The heater is just
> an unregulated 
> 5W resistor in a *plastic* tube. The effect of 110V
> hitting the wet sand 
> when it fails is more than just spectacular.
> It does *not* automatically regulate to 76F, AFAIK, and
> you can get them 
> from Wally World for less than the shipping cost in the
> ebay ad cited!
> I strongly suggest you use a low-Wattage glass heater
> with a thermostat 
> (25W 6" units are available) and avoid this plastic
> hazard.

S. Hieber

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