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Re: [APD] reliable & accurate KH test kit

The Tetra or Aquar. Pharm versions are very easy to use,
inexpenisve, and plenty reliable for aquatic gardening
purposes. It's the pH test that's usually the wild card but
you have that covered with a calibrated controller.

I use the Aq. Pharm and double the sample size so that each
drop of titration equates to one half degree, or about 9
pppm. (1 degree=17.9 ppm). I suppose you can measure even
finer by doubling the sample size again, but it becomes
harder to read the crossover point in the titration.
Luckily, one doesn't need to cut that finely for CO2
purposes; imo, one degree or a half degree at a time is
plenty. 18 ppm is a large amount of CO2 but not a large
amount of carbonates for most of our purposes, so think in
degrees if it makes you feel better but 5 or 10 ppm of
carbonates is not a big deal. ;-)

Scott H.

--- revance at indiana_edu wrote:
> Does anyone know of a good KH test kit that is accurate
> and easy to read? I am 
> setting up a new tank and am going to use a pH controller
> w/ CO2 injection. 
> Thus by keeping my KH stable at a given value I can
> easily keep my CO2 levels 
> right where I want them. I would really like to find a
> test kit that will 
> allow me to measure the KH within 5ppm, but I don't know
> if anything like this 
> exists. I have a crappy test that measures in something
> like 40ppm 
> increments... real accurate! Thanks for any input.

S. Hieber

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