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[APD] Is there an advantage?

Here's a question about what has become know (over the objection of Mr.
Barr) as the Barr method. Hope I'm not covering old ground here.

Is there some advantage to dosing the nitrates two or three times a week
over continuous injection?

In an attempt to minimize the time I spend dosing stuff in my tank, I use a
small peristaltic pump to continuously inject a solution of CSM+B, K2SO4 and
Sodium Phosphate (Fleet) into my tank. I then dose KNO3 two or three times a
week. Is there any reason why including the weekly dose of KNO3 in the fert
solution would not work as well, or is there a reason to "pulse" the
nitrate? If there is a reason to pulse, should I do so with all the ferts?

Douglas Guynn

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