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DIY Fertilizer

Hello everyone

This is the first recomendation that Tom gave me in january. Finally I
got all the supplies and began dosing about a week ago.

APD> !Ojo!
APD> For the 65 gallon tank:
APD> Add the following:
APD> 1/2 teaspoon of KNO3 dry powder 2-3x a week.
APD> Add the trace mix 2-3x a week(about 2-3x what the recommended amount is on the
APD> bottle likely about 10mls).
APD> Add more CO2.
APD> Add some MgSO4, Epsom salt(about 1/4 teaspoon) after a weekly water change(50%
APD> of the tank's volume). Add some CaCO3(about 1/4 teaspoon)after the tank's
APD> water change.
APD> Add 1/2-3/4 teaspoon of K2SO4 after the water change.
APD> Having more KH/GH will not hurt, having too little will.
APD> CO2 is based on the fish and pearling.
APD> By doing the 50% weekly water changes, the NO3, Traces etc will NOT build up.
APD> Essentially you will re set the the tank each week with fresh nutrients.
APD> Add the above KNO3 will give you about an extra 7ppm of NO3 each dosing(I
APD> assume about 2-4ppm of NO3 uptake per day) so after 3 days or so, another dose
APD> will bring it back up to the 5-10ppm range.

After adding this and making close observation i have some questions.
I get pearling aprox 5 hours after turning the lights on the first
day, second day the pearling really slows and the third day is
almost gone. I am dosing Wednesday and Saturday. Should i increase
the  amount  of  something, or maybe Tuesday Thursday and Saturday. The
plants  really began to grow, but i don't want to end up with a smelly
algae  soup  like  i  did  with  my 10 gallon tank (overdose on a non
CO2 tank).  I didn't buy CaCO3, i bought Calcium nitrate, does it
make a difference. It is more N, so?
I think i am going to increase the amount of CO2 and see what happens.

I am a like lazy about doing 50% weekly water changes, i get bored watching
my tank fill slowly and I end with water all over my carpet. :(
So, I change one week yes and the other no and next yes and you get the
picture. (Every other week? right?)
Should I stay on this amount of fertilizer to be safe of something
building up?

I found chelated iron, it is in powder form that contains 9% Fe. It is
highly soluble, how do i those this thing. I didnīt find a
trace mix that was only traces, they all had N and P. There is also
chelated Mn, Zn, Ca, Cu, Mg. But 2 pounds per bag is a lot of traces.

Does anyone know a good site to put my pictures.


Diego Carmona