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pH Controller advice

I'm looking to put a pH controller with solenoid an my aquarium.  I want the
solenoid to shut off the CO2 when the pH reaches approx. 6.8 and turn it on
when it rises above that.  I was looking at the Milwaukee SMS122.  However
in the description I found at http://www.automatedaquariums.com/mw_s122.htm,
I see the following:

ALARM    Active when reading is higher then set point

Does this mean the it will turn on the power plug at this point or turn it
off?  If it's on, that is exactly what I need.  Otherwise it's not.


P.S.  How do I get this in a non-digest form?  (Sorry I had to ask that for
someone's benefit/embarrassment -- You know who you are). :-P