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Anubias flower and nonCO2 tanks

Probably old hat to most of you, but I've got an underwater flower on an 
Anubias-coffefolia I think-and I'm excited.

I also wanted to put in a plug for planted tanks without CO2.  I do use CO2 
on my 150 g tank, along with PC lights and lots of ferts, but I've also got 
a 70 g tank in my office at home that no longer has CO2.  I used DIY for a 
while, but just got lazy.  The ferts are limited and the lighting consists 
of two shoplights.  This tank also has an onyx sand substrate and gets 30% 
water changes almost every weekend.  It has slowly grown into a darned 
jungle.  I pull tons of sunset hygro and contortion vals out of there for 
the LFS and it grows Anubias and the large leaved crypts (moehlmanni, 
blassii, and ciliata) much better than the high light tank.

I think the substrate is very important in this type of tank.  It seems to 
me that using the onyx sand has helped tremendously.  My high light tank has 
a blasting sand substrate and even with clay/fert balls, water column 
fertilization, and root tabs some of the plants that are heavy root feeders 
just don't do well for me.  With the onyx sand, at lower light and nutrient 
levels they grow well, even without CO2.  I'm playing with a couple of 10 g 
tanks with fluorite and limited or no CO2.  We'll see how they go.  Dan

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