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Re: iron levels & other elements


 The 5mL per 20 gallon, 3x a week on a very high light tank is a much higher
dosage than I expected it to be.

 This makes me wonder, how can I determine if I am fertilizing enough
potassium and nitrate? Do you have a similar formula? I have the dry
elements Potassium Sulfate and Potassium Nitrate that I ordered from a
hydroponics place.

 And, would you consider 192 watts of light on a 75g tank (2.56 watts per
gallon) very high light?

 Thanks a million,

> Hello, Could someone tell what the iron level should be in a planted
> tank?  Thank-you,  Ray


It's not a simple concept of a certain level you can test.


Basically the idea is to maintain good Macro nutrients/CO2 and add enough
traces to yield the best plant health.

This level is about 5mls per 20 gal 3x a week at very high light levels.
Adding more does nothing if the CO2/macro's etc are in good shape, but
simply waste the traces. So if you add this amount to your tank which is
likely less light/less good nutrient levels etc, then you have more than
enough traces.

You can scale this amount up/down to suit your tank size and works for most
trace mixes(Flourish, TMG etc)

Tom Barr