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Re: Is this algae?

> > Titus wrote:
> > Subject: Is this algae?
> > I have some strange (at least to me) filamentous stuff growing in
> > my tank and would like to know what it is and how to deal with
> > it.
> Yes, it is algae and a b*stard one at that! It's called all kinds of names, as you've probably already called it, but it's commonly called staghorn algae or filamentous algae. It grows rather quickly. It can be removed with patience and tweezers or with an old toothbrush using the spaghetti-roll method, but it'll come right back if conditions aren't changed. My experience with it comes from low levels of NO3. No other time have I had it. I've had no PO4, too much PO4, too little Fe, too much Fe, and too much NO3, and those bring on other kinds of algae, but no staghorn. From you email, looks like you dose with nutrients, but you may want
> to test the levels. Your CO2 should help, but this stuff, I feel, is a good indicator something is outta whack.


Take a look at the link and see if this is what you have:


Jamie <"///><