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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #95

In my experience, #2 and #3 were related. Increased circulation (not 
necessarily surface agitation) helped not only the fish, but plant 
growth as well. When the filter broke on my 30 g, I bought two 
powerheads and sponges to go over the intake. No problem with gasping 
fish since then.

> Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 10:11:07 -0800
> From: Jason <beatsfrombeyond at mac_com>
> Subject: Sand/substrate, algae, aeration/circulation, etc.
> Fish warriors,
> I am on the verge of completely redoing my 55 gal tall planted tank.  It is
> in need of cleaning, and I'm thinking that several factors should be changed
> in the process.  Here's the current details/problems:
> #1. Flourite substrate w/sand on top.  The sand looks cool, but everything
> (fish poop, food, etc.) all just sits on top of it and looks ugly (+
> decays).  What's a better solution?  Just Stirring it up w/the flourite?
> Smaller gravel instead of the sand?
> #2. Circulation problems.  My Fluval 304 seems to do a decent job, but it
> seems like water circulation could be better.  Powerhead?  Second filter?
> #3. Aeration: do I need an air stone?  Fish seem to be hanging out @ the
> surface quite a bit - are they wanting air?  I do not yet have a CO2 setup,
> but I have lots of plants (don't they produce oxygen for the fish?)