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Re: Forget this low-light stuff... time to retrofit!


I have been using CustomSeaLife's retrofit kit for the Eclipse 12 for two or
three years now and heartily recommend it to everyone.  When I asked, they
sent me the all 10000K 33watt bulb instead of the 33 watt half-actinic/half
10000K.  When it came time to replace the bulb, I decided to switch it to 28
watt 6700K bulb which is what I'll stick to I think.  The color is better and
the dimmer light is better on my DIY CO2 tank.  The retrofit kit was sooooo
simple!  I simply unscrewed the two screws that held the old light assembly in
place and screwed in the new assembly.  The only adjustment I had to make was
that the prongs that receive the screws were a little too long for the
retrofit (the bulbs touched the middle bar). Snip snip away and it was

Hope this helps,
Christine Bennett
christine.bennett at usa_nospam.net

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Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 18:18:57 -0800
From: Matt Staroscik <matt at wrongcrowd_com>
Subject: Forget this low-light stuff... time to retrofit!

First, thanks for the many plant suggestions I received in response to my 
last post. I'm looking forward to trying some new species in my dim 37g tank.

Second, I took a look around and found the "SmartLite" 55W retrofit kit 
which will fit the Eclipse 3. It also looks easy to install, which is good, 
because I am all thumbs. I am keen to make this work. More light is better!

Unfortunately, it comes with a bulb that is part 10000K and part actinic, 
which I believe is intended for reef tanks.


Does anyone know if it is possible to get this CustomSeaLife kit with a 
bulb that is better suited to freshwater plants? They seem to have 5000K, 
6700K and 8800K bulbs as well. Assuming it was possible to choose, which 
would be best for freshwater plants?


I could always buy an extra bulb, but I'd rather not throw away the $ on 
the sub-optimum reef light.

Thanks for the help!