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Re: Forget this low-light stuff... time to retrofit!

>>First, thanks for the many plant suggestions I received in response to my
last post. I'm looking forward to trying some new species in my dim 37g
Second, I took a look around and found the "SmartLite" 55W retrofit kit
which will fit the Eclipse 3. It also looks easy to install, which is good,
because I am all thumbs. I am keen to make this work. More light is better!
Unfortunately, it comes with a bulb that is part 10000K and part actinic,
which I believe is intended for reef tanks.<<

Custom sealife makes the Smartlight, which as you said is half white and
half actinic, burt also makes the Brightlight which is 8700 kelvin white. I
am not familiar with retrofit kits for either of these: they come in fully
enclosed strip fixtures thart sit on your tank... but if they make the
smartlight retrofit, they should make the Brightlight as well. If you end up
using the whole fixture, then consider the JBJ fixture as an alternative!

Robert Paul Hudson
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