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Re: Forget this low-light stuff... time to retrofit!

>Unfortunately, it comes with a bulb that is part 10000K and part actinic,
>which I believe is intended for reef tanks.

You are correct, the 10000K bulbs (and especially the actinic bulbs) are 
primarily intended for reef use. The reefers are trying to simulate water 
at greater depth where there is a much higher blue content in relation to 
the other colors.

>Does anyone know if it is possible to get this CustomSeaLife kit with a
>bulb that is better suited to freshwater plants? They seem to have 5000K,
>6700K and 8800K bulbs as well. Assuming it was possible to choose, which
>would be best for freshwater plants?

You'd probably find the 5000K or 6700K bulbs best suited to use in a 
planted tank. I have tanks setup with each myself. The 6700K is a "crisper" 
white light, but unless you put them side-by-side it is difficult to tell 
the difference between the two. Either will work well in your case, so if 
you're looking to save some money just get whichever is the cheaper of the 
two. I'd probably get the 6700K myself just because I like the way they 
look a bit better. If you can find a local shop with the bulbs you're 
intending to buy running you can pick the color temp you think looks best.
BTW, it is nice to have a spare on hand in case of failure, but you should 
be able to get at least a few years of useful life out of a PCF bulb.


>I could always buy an extra bulb, but I'd rather not throw away the $ on
>the sub-optimum reef light.
>Thanks for the help!

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